Frequently Asked Questions

Our warranty is 90 days on all items. If a pearl falls off your setting, if your jewelry breaks, or any other defects will be covered by our warranty. Just contact our customer service to schedule a return. You will need to pay for the shipping to our Headquarters office and we will send you the item back after repair or replacement at no additional cost

Cultured pearls are creations formed by inserting a tissue graft from a donor oyster, upon which a pearl sac forms, and the inner side precipitates calcium carbonate, in the form of nacre or “mother-of-pearl”.

These are cultured freshwater pearls (farmed pearls). This means that the oyster was implanted with a small piece of shell to force the growth of a pearl. Due to the fact that they are cultured they are guaranteed to have a real pearl.  If we do open one that does not contain a pearl, we will open another one.

First and foremost, DO NOT EAT THE OYSTERS they are not alive and have not been for a while! They are not for human consumption, or animal consumption. This includes all your small or large furry friends (cats, dog, etc).
Oysters that are vacuumed sealed can last up to three months, but need to be stored in a cool area, out of direct sunlight.  
Once you have received your oysters, you cut the vacuumed sealed plastic and remove your oyster. You can use a butter knife or another item that can carefully open your oyster. Try to be careful, you do not want to injure your precious pearl or your beautiful fingers. iPearl is not liable for any personal injuries that could happen with the process of opening your oysters. Please remember to wash your hands afterwards, unless you enjoy a slight fishy smell on your hands afterwards. Make sure to look for twins.

Of course you can! You are not obligated to order an oyster and a setting at the same time. You can order the oyster, then pick out a setting at a later time. If you want your pearl mounted on a setting we ask you make your setting order immediately after you see what pearl you get. If you want a cage pendant at a later time then we can mail you your pearl and you can come back at a later time and purchase your cage and chain to put your pearl in, we just simply ask you to notify your consultant that you would like for them to mail you your pearl by itself. 

It’s rather easy. Just remove your chain from the pendant and you can open it easily. You can switch pearls and pendants as your heart desires. You can also take this time to shine your pearls and clean the cage pendant as well.

Pearls are naturally porous, and this allows oyster farmers to sometimes use an infiltration process to add and create a broader range of colors outside the normal white, pink, and lavender colors. This process is used to create darker and more unique colors, but because of the cost of the process, it is not used very often which makes those unique colors more rare than lighter, untreated colors. They are still considered cultured pearls by the Gemological Institute of America, and their values are measured within the same standards as the natural color pearls.